The Man-Made Curse to Mankind: Glass Doors

You know what’s similar to God and WiFi signal?

Glass Doors!

We all can agree on this one. As much as glass doors add class to the looks they are simply so annoying! Especially when you walk into them! To have a laugh at my unfortunate history with glass doors read on! 🙂 … More The Man-Made Curse to Mankind: Glass Doors


The Worst Partner Ever!!!

Today I had a horrible experience. I was stuck with a person who you can probably consider to be the most annoying person for three hours. That too for an exam. That too math exam. So, I made a blog post out of it hoping you’ll have a good laugh at my misery. Happy reading! Cheers! 🙂 … More The Worst Partner Ever!!!

How I Fell in Love- With My Keyboard!

Hey there, once again guys! Sim here. Sorry for the late post… Well, after my last post when I got around 3 views within 24 hours I got very, very, very, VERY happy as I had not expected to have a single reader for weeks… or maybe some poor reader who lost his way accidentally … More How I Fell in Love- With My Keyboard!


A New Start!!!

Hey there, people! Simran here. You can call me Sim. I have restarted my blog after about 4 years so this little girl is not so little any more. My blog is going to be about… well, pretty much everything. It will be stories by me, incidents, advises, helping, problem solving and stuff. My first post, however is about me so that you can get to know a little about me. I really hope you like it and please read and give me your feedback. I’m a little rusty as I have just begun but I am sure I will get better. Please read and comment! … More A New Start!!!


My weird dream – Lost on an island !

Once I went for an adventure with my dog Rocky and my friend Racheal. We went to the sea. The date was 15th September. That day on the newspaper we had read that the sea would be rough. But we were so dunce, dimwit & dunderheads & so excited that we set off. We had … More My weird dream – Lost on an island !