The Mysterious Disappearance

Through the curtains the lightning flash could be seen. The thunder boomed loudly, shaking the glass windows. Not a single sound could be heard other than the thunder and the heavy rain slapping against the windows. She had mysteriously disappeared without a word. You sat there, scared and alone, silently praying to God out of fear, in front of your computer screens wondering wherever your favourite blogger, Sim, had disappeared.

Ha! Gotcha! You thought I was writing my second mystery story after the first one (it’s on my blog from over six years…), didn’t you? No. I was describing my beloved readers. Who I, by the way, apologise profusely to.


Kindly read this till the end for a super important announcement.

I was in the U.S.A! So I was unable to post from there. And on reaching home, I found out, just like my usual luck, the computer had crashed in our absence and was not working. So I decided to wait till the computer gets fixed and continue many of my unfinished works and resume my blogging. But that never happened, as it is, my computer still hasn’t been fixed. So, finally losing my patience, feeling guilty for not having posted in a while I decided to get working on the laptop instead and here I am typing away on my laptop.

While I was gone, I was nominated by the dearest Esther for the Blogger’s Recognition Award! I am so thankful to Esther for that.

I apologise again if you think this a post because this is just an update. But hang on tight! Don’t leave just yet. It is an important update. Kindly read till the end for the important announcement.

So, my trip in U.S was pretty eventful and I decided that I should start a travel diary series on my blog about it. I need your opinion on it. What do you guys think? It will be a little different from my usual posts which is why I am nervous about it. But let’s try? Please lemme now in the comments.

This was the important announcement. Not that urgent. I know. Sorry about that.

I am going to make another post soon. It will be a post. Not an update.
So yeah.

For all the new readers, stay tuned for the posts!

Yee haw fellas!

Ok. That was awfully cringeworthy… lemme do it again.

Until then, people! 🙂

3 thoughts on “The Mysterious Disappearance

  1. About that travel diary thing…… I think you should go for it without getting nervous about it cause I know you will write it in an amazing way and make it awesome too(and your fans like me will get more stuff to read too 😅😂). So I think you should go for it….😀👍✌)

    Till then…..

    Braced with my seatbelts on for your next post 🚀.

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