The Man-Made Curse to Mankind: Glass Doors

You know what’s the similarity between God, Wi-Fi signals and glass doors?

They can’t be seen. They can only be felt.

Especially glass doors.

They hit you in the face like a goddamn BRICK!

The reason behind my sudden interest in glass doors is that I realised I had to come up with a blog post and had been suffering from the INFAMOUS WRITER’S BLOCK.

So, I racked my brain for any previous incidents where I embarrassed myself. Needless to say, if you know me well enough, you’d know that I didn’t really have a hard time doing that. ‘Embarrassing incidents of my life’ is probably the biggest box in my brain with the largest number of files because embarrassing myself is something I do frequently. And I’m dang good at it, if I say so myself.

However, ending the brag about the only thing I’m good at, I realised that walking into glass doors is something that has happened to many people. So, instead of writing about that one time I ran into a glass door (I literally ran into it. Not just walked into it), I’d write about the woe of the godforsaken glass doors as well.

Now, glass doors are actually quite classy. Or should I say glassy? Okay, I’m sorry for that terrible pun. I’ll just walk myself out of here. After completing this blog post, of course. Because we all know that if I leave this post in the middle, I’ll probably never complete it and just leave the poor miserable thing hanging.

They give the image of luxury because they’re a bigger menace at maintenance than your average wooden door.

Apparently, you have to keep your glass doors and walls clean to make them look good. How do you make transparent (which literally means see-through) things look good, I don’t know. But apparently you do so we’ll just go with it.

While their being clean and spotless makes them look good, it also makes them unseeable (I’m pretty sure I just invented a word… and people have the audacity to question my English… sigh). But you get what I mean don’t you. Oh and the stuff written in the parentheses is sarcastic.

So they usually glass doors have stickers or marks to give all the unfortunate people like me who are habitual of walking into invisible stuff some clue of their existence.

However, some caring people think that it’s fine to not leave any sign of the glass door.

Bump into a glass door and you’ll realise they exist.

So, I’ve seen quite a few people walk into glass doors and laughed cruelly and heartlessly at them. And I’ve personally walked into glass doors as well. That isn’t very surprising in my case. I have the God’s gift of walking straight into absolutely, perfectly opaque object. Pfft. Glass doors are nothing for me.

I remember I once ran (literally ran) face first into a huge, tall tree.

That however, is a story for another time, my dear friends.

On a totally off-topic note, should I start a ‘Story-time with Sim’ series? I have already shared a few of my previous incidents, here on my blog.

Coming back to the topic…

The one glass-door-walk-in incident that sticks out is of when I was six years old. The apartment complex we lived in had a clubhouse. The clubhouse had glass walls and doors…

My friend and I were playing catch and it was her turn to chase me. We both were running around and I realised that if I ran out in the open space it would get tough for her to catch me. What I didn’t realise however, was that the doorway I was going to run through into the open space was not open…

Since the workers there always made sure that the glass was spotless clean I didn’t see it.

I felt it.

Quite hard.

Smack in my face, that too.

I was running at my fastest possible.

Needless to say that the bang was super hard and loud. The sound was earth shattering and the door shook violently. The door was probably just as shocked as I was.


Pin drop silence.

While everyone became silent at the loud interruption that was my great bang I had quite a different reaction. I had banged into the glass doors so hard that I literally bounced back from the impact and landed hard on my derrière

I wouldn’t even be joking when I say that the whole world around me shuddered. Or maybe it was me who shuddered at the impact…

For a moment there I saw black and felt numb the impact.

You know in cartoons they show cuckoos flying around the head after banging it? Yeah? Apparently that’s real.

Everyone present there froze at the loud bang. It sounded like a gun shot and I’m not even exaggerating!

The six years old me had no clue on how to react to that situation and burst into tears. The bang had hurt and more than hurt, it had embarrassed.

Everyone rushed to the poor little six year old girl who had hurt her face and had fallen. My mom was among those who rushed and took a crying, six year old me back home.

If there was anything I could say to my six year old self on that day it would probably be “You’re getting embarrassed by this?! Darling, you have no clue of what awaits you in future. Brace yourself for the future where you’re going to embarrass yourself a lot more and you won’t even be able to cry!”

That was it for now, guys. I’ll be back soon. Have you ever run or walked into a glass door? Or even into anything else? What had happened? Let me know in the comments sections below. Oh and should I start a series of “Story-time with Sim”? Don’t forget to comment, share, like and follow! 🙂

9 thoughts on “The Man-Made Curse to Mankind: Glass Doors

  1. 😂😂😂😂 Good one ha.This reminds me of willy wonka from the movie “Charlie and the chocolate factory”. He also faces similar kind of problem with glass doors.😂😂😂😂

    Good work btw 👍👌

  2. I am also a spectator of ur hilarious embarrassing moments…😂😂 Those moments were something that could never get erased off my mind😂

    1. True. They are quite unforgettably hilarious, aren’t they.. XD XD XD I do remember doing great many deeds of clumsiness and stupidity in front of you. XD

  3. Good job Sim. On a similar note, my very close friend met his then girlfriend (now wife), first time, when he accidentally walked into a glass door. She gave him the first aid 6 years ago and seems like his wounds are still healing.

    1. Hey! Thank you so much!!! I am so sorry couldn’t reply earlier but i am actually out of India rn. So I wasn’t able to reply. But thank you sooooo much! 🙂

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