The Worst Partner Ever!!!

Hey guys! I’m back after so long. I had so many ideas for blogging but I was so busy with so many things. The most prominent task being pre final and then final exams. Anyone from India would know that class ten finals are considered to be awfully important so yeah…

My exams are still going on by the way. But only one exam is left after which I’ll be in class eleven. How did the time pass so quickly?

So what this post is about actually happened with me today. Obviously, it was an “extraordinary” experience. That’s why I’m blogging about it in the first place.

What happened was that today I had my math final. No, this is not a horror story. Calm thyself. For some reasons, our usual partners, which is basically the people we sit next to during exams, were changed. Previously we had class nine students sitting next to us but because they had a holiday we were made to sit next to class eleven students in a different exam hall.

Now, as hard to believe as it might sound… I’m not actually a very fussy person and wasn’t much bothered about moving my seat. My partner happened to be some huge fellow whose face seemed vaguely familiar (no shit, Sim. You both go to the same school. Cue the eye roll) little did I know that this was going to be the most painful exam. And it wasn’t even because it was math.

The first problem I faced was that I had to sit squashed between the wall and my no-less-than-a-wall partner. I had nowhere to keep my elbows! To my left was the wall and to my right was my partner with his huge elbow. Somehow I managed to stick my left elbow awkwardly out of the window and I made space for my right elbow because I had to write.

Everything was going fine. Yes, it was my math exam. Don’t look so surprised.

In the very beginning before the exam could even actually begin, my partner reached out to his classmate in front of him to ask for a “codeword”. Not very shockingly, he did not understand a word of what my partner was saying.

I still don’t know my partner’s name by the way.

My partner kept going on trying to make the poor fellow understand him. But after a while he gave up with head shake as though the person in front was an idiot. Ignoring my partner I continued to read my question paper because that’s what the fifteen minute reading time is for, isn’t it.

Fifteen minutes into my hurried answer scribbling on the answer sheet, I was interrupted with a “psst”. Slightly annoyed, I looked up. My partner was asking me for a pencil since he seemed to have forgotten his.

Alright. I thought to myself. He might’ve forgotten to bring his pencil. Even though it is terribly stupid to forget your pencil in a biology exam where you have to draw diagrams everywhere. Silently I gave him a pencil.

Little did I know that my partner had “forgotten” to bring everything other than a measly looking pen with a chewed off end. I soon realised that when in the middle of my construction he asked me for an eraser.

Not wanting to waste time by telling him what I thought of his forgetfulness I handed him my eraser.

Still grumbling internally, I continued my construction when out of nowhere I felt something brush my head! Startled, I looked up to see my partner, who was already taking up three-fourths of the seat, was now leaning his back towards me while awkwardly trying to find an angle from which he could draw. Don’t ask. I didn’t understand it either.

I purposely moved towards him so that he’d move back- which he was decent enough to do. Now verbally grumbling I went back to my exam. Half an hour later I heard another “psst”. Now, had that been a classmate asking for an answer I would’ve ignored later telling him that I couldn’t hear him. But this “psst” belonged to my partner. Still, not being one to give up I ignored him pretending to have never heard him.

At least I tried. He caught my attention by tapping my elbow. I looked up trying my hardest to not scowl. At least not while he was looking. The number of dark looks I shot him while he was writing is crazy. Anyhow, he looks at me and says “Water.”

“What?” I asked hoping that I hadn’t heard him right.

“Water” he said again, this time making a gesture of a bottle.

Are you kidding me?! You don’t bring anything, I understand. You borrow my pencil, my eraser, my scale. I still unwillingly understand. But now you freaking want a sip from my water bottle?! Like what is the world coming to?! He wasn’t even thirsty! He simply wanted a sip to pass time because he didn’t know anything from the question paper. The little he knew, he’d already written it.

What I truly wanted to give him was a piece of my mind. But since this was math exam and time is always short in math exam, I was in a hurry. So I unwillingly handed him my water bottle because I couldn’t bring myself to look him dead in the eye and say “no” even though that would’ve been very nice.

After gulping half the bottle like the ogre he was, he gave me back the bottle with a grin that I, for some reason, found super annoying. He wiped the water dripping down his chin with the back of his hand. Ewww. I wished the grin would get wiped off as well but much to my avail it didn’t. It’s never too much to hope! Oh well…

Half way through the exam my partner called me. Again. Can someone gimme a break? Ughhhh.

Now, really annoyed I looked up trying to express my displeasure through my eyes. He happens to be blind to expressions. He asked me for a sharpener. AAAAARGH!!! He wanted my sharpener to sharpen my pencil because he’d worn it out by making too many mistakes and erasing and redrawing them using my eraser. I was “” that close to socking him one. However, keeping my cool (for which I swear I should be given a Nobel Peace Prize) I gave him my sharpener.

DON’T! Don’t even get me started on how he kept tapping his foot throughout the exam. And if I got a rupee (cuz I am in India and Pennies are of no use to me) for every time he asked to know the time I’d be an effing millionaire. That often. That often he asked me for the time.

I can proudly claim myself to be a patient person after my horrible experience today. But that’s all for today. I will be back soon because I have only one exam left which is on the 21st of this month. After which I am free. Not for long though. It is true… good things always come to an end. Anyway, have you ever been stuck with someone annoying? Let me know in the comments section. I will see you later. Don’t forget to like, share and follow to get notified every time I post and because I need more followers. But that’s a different story.

Salute! 🙂

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