Hey guys! Happy New Year! I know I know… I am late. You’re probably like “Sim, the second month of 2017 has already started. The “new year” isn’t really “new” anymore. But in my defense, this is my first post of 2017 and you’re telling this to a person who is still very much stuck in 2015; I have serious issues I need to deal with. I know.

I’d barely gotten used to writing 16 while writing the date and now I have to get used to writing 17 instead. If I got a rupee (cuz I’m in India and I won’t get anything out of pennies and dollars) for every time I rather mistakenly wrote 16 instead of 17 while writing the date I’d probably be the richest kid in town.

On the bright side, it happens to be a normal thing that everyone is affected with. Heck, even my teacher signed 16 instead of 17 while signing my notebook. And pretty much all of my friends were complaining about it too. I only just do it more oft than others.

So anyway, the first thing that comes to one’s mind when you say “New Year” is – no it’s not New Year Party – resolution. Now lemme tell you that my history with resolutions isn’t very good. The best example being my resolution (not a new year resolution) of posting regularly. We’re all seeing how well that’s been working out for me, huh.

Again, my deepest apologies.

So this year I made a resolution that I’m pretty sure I will keep. If you’re thinking that it’s something along the lines of doing one good deed every day, staying fit and healthy, blogging regularly (it’s not a joke ok) or studying really well; you really take me to be a wayyyyyy better person than what I am.

Obviously I wouldn’t be able to keep those resolutions!

My resolution was that I… wait for it…

That I won’t take any resolutions.

See? That’s not tough to keep. And that is also an irony but pfft whatever.

And you know what? I’ve realised that you shouldn’t need to take a resolution to start doing something. If you want to do something good, you should do it out of your own will and not force yourself with a resolution. And you certainly shouldn’t wait for a new year to begin to take a resolution. I mean, hey, every day’s a new day!

I think this is enough of preaching for one blog post cuz who am I kidding. Me giving advice is the ideal “look who’s talking” situation.

2016 was one eventful year for me. On one hand, I, for the first time, played keyboard at an event, that too representing my school and had an amazing time. But on the other hand I also let go of quite a few opportunities that I should have grabbed because I didn’t give it my 100% and regret letting go of.

However, while I can’t make any promises of surely being better than before I do promise to try my hardest at being better. There. I just broke my resolution.


I swear this is the result of some conspiracy to keep me from maintaining my resolutions. I bet it is the same force that makes me procrastinate.

Anyway, may this year be prosperous to all you readers and may you be more successful than me at keeping a resolution if you do decide to keep a resolution despite this post. You rebel! And may you follow my blog if you aren’t already following it. Hope you guys liked this post and don’t forget to like, follow and share! Comment below what New Year resolutions you took and your opinion on resolutions. Happy New Year once again! 🙂

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