The Flying Coffee #Embarrassment

Hey guys! A few days back I found myself in the most embarrassing and awkward moment. Courtesy of my clumsiness of course. For those of you who are new to my blog, one of my many clumsy-moments has been talked about in one of my previous post LOL! Or maybe not…

So, this incident which has probably scarred me mentally permanently took place at the mall. It wasn’t something minor like an embarrassing falling front of five hundred and forty six pairs of eyes. Yes, I just called that minor but that’s because I’m so well experienced in falling embarrassingly in front of crowds that I don’t even find it embarrassing anymore. However, what happened at the mall was really embarrassing. You can probably imagine the intensity of it now…

What happened was that after shopping, my parents and I were at the food court. My dad and I got me a burger and a cold coffee from McDonald’s and were heading to a table while my mum was at the other end of the food court getting something for herself and my dad.

I was holding my tray and was already holding a shopping bag. So, I tried to convince my dad to take one of the two items I was holding. And while I was talking to my dad, I – obviously not being a multitasker (and being utterly clumsy) – ended up tilting the tray because I was not paying attention to it.

Also, my dad thought the idea of getting me a toy with my burger was amusing so I was already annoyed and embarrassed of being the only fifteen year old to get a toy. It was a Super Mario toy, by the way.

Anyway, since I tilted the tray and only realised that a little too late, I saw my cold coffee slide right off the tray faster than a freaking bullet train in slow motion. And I couldn’t just watch it fly off, could I? So, I let out the LOUDEST shriek…

It was a shriek of bravery, ok?

And before the coffee could actually fall, a hundred and sixty pairs of eyes out of the two hundred pairs heard my shriek and turned to see the shrieker and the reason behind the shriek.

They saw the coffee fall too. *facepalm*

And the coffee fell.

With a splash. Coffee, coffee everywhere not a drop to drink…

For a split second, I swear on all my future cold coffees, there was an ear splitting silence in the food court.

The coffee cup was somewhere, the coffee was, well, literally everywhere, and the cup’s cap or cover or whatever you call it was somewhere else.

Embarrassment. Just embarrassment in its purest form. I fell like crawling in a hole and just evaporation into the thin air.

Fortunately, my dad came to my rescue and laughed it off. The awkwardness kinda sorta lessened. I still didn’t know what to do though. I wanted to pick the cup up and throw it in the dustbin but my dad stopped me. I’ve never been in such a situation before, ok? Don’t judge.

Having no clue as to what to do in that situation I just looked at my dad. We went and got another coffee. The McDonald’s workers were really nice by the way. They had seen the incident and gave us the second coffee for free.

What about my mum?

She, shockingly, happened to be one of the forty people who were oblivious to the flying coffee in the food court.

By the time we got the second coffee, she was where we were few minutes back waiting for us. Out of the guilt of spilling coffee, I told her what happened immediately. First she looked at me and then at the coffee on the floor.

Let me just tell you… she wasn’t very happy. I felt really guilty and sorry for the mall workers who immediately set to clean it.

However, in the end, I enjoyed my burger and my second coffee. And we headed back home.

So… have you been in such embarrassing moments? Let me know about your embarrassing moments in the comments. And would you like me to make another blog post about my embarrassing moments and falls? You know how to let me know! Don’t forget to like, share, follow and comment! 🙂

Oh also, the featured image has been created by Khitija. She isn’t a blogger, yet. But you might find her lurking around in my comments. A huge thanks to her for this awesome featured image. Hugs and Kisses.


12 thoughts on “The Flying Coffee #Embarrassment

  1. Hahaha you’re right, that’s very embarrassing, but I’ve certainly done this before. I remember being in high school and it was the absolute worst if you dropped something in the middle of the cafeteria. The entire school would look in your direction and there was no escaping. I’m glad your dad came to the rescue!

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