Hey guys, Sim here. I know I am late and I would’ve bothered to give an excuse but seeing the number of views each of my blog posts gets I don’t think there is anyone I have to give an explanation to. How sad is that? But I’m not giving up. Had I been anywhere close to giving up I wouldn’t have bothered to come up with a new blog post. #SorryNotSorry

So anyway, my autumn break is going on which tbh isn’t much of a break because there is SO MUCH HOMEWORK. All the teachers gave homework as though giving homework was quickly going to go out of fashion. They gave homework as though this was their life depended on it. I have at least a hundred analogies. Don’t even get me started.

Even though autumn break is only 10 holidays, I swear on pizzas that we got enough homework to last a lifetime. The worst part? I have to do it because they carry marks which will be there on my tenth grade progress cards glaring at me for the rest of my lifetime.

But you know what? I have only just started the homework. And I CANNOT stop procrastinating. I know myself really well. Like every other holiday and every other homework I will probably complete it at the last moment and rant the entire time doing it and then listen to my mom lecturing me on how I brought this upon myself and how I have no right to complain and how I do this every damn time. After that I will tell her that this won’t happen next time and hear her scoff at that. I will make up a mental resolution on how next time I’ll prove her wrong and do it in time and make her feel guilty on accusing me.

When the next time comes, my resolution goes flying out of the window.

Am I the only one?

I’m such a rebel, ain’t I? *smirk* #ThugLife

Nah, I am just joking. I am FREAKING surrounded by teachers. There is no way I can go all badass (not that I am interested in being one) and get away with it. My mom’s a teacher and my dad’s a professor. Life is unfair. I see my friends getting away with trouble by lying to their parents… which is something I can’t do because my parents know how the system works. Dang it!

I always try to be the poster child of “good student” (not because of my parents it’s my nature. I am a people pleaser) and I always do my best to stay on the teacher’s good side (though I can never bring myself to be the kind of student who is the teacher’s “lamb” I find it annoying). Tbh, I don’t want to get on some of my teachers’ (actually just one teacher but I’m trying to be subtle and all here, you know…) simply because they are quite scary and I actually dislike them. But I sadly don’t get to choose my teachers so I have to suck it up and take this teacher who was out there to get my life (now the teacher’s fine with me cuz I put in a lot of effort to get on the good side) in my stride.

The reason why I am struggling to do my homework is that I can’t for the life of me stop procrastinating. I don’t actually mind doing homework. Once I get started I get in the flow and be totally fine with doing it.

I swear on lasagna there’s some sort of dark force stopping me from doing homework and studying. That dark force however, seems to be quite scared of my parents.

Every time I make up my mind to study I open my books and then all of a sudden my mind remembers something and that is it. Or sometimes right before I go to my room to start the homework I remember some word that I forgot to look up in the dictionary and then the quest for the meaning of the word begins. And one word leads to another and before I know it I am looking up the weirdest things on Google. Just a few days back I wanted to look up something from my text book on the internet and I don’t know how but I found myself reading a rather long article on Google amnesia.

Most of the times however my procrastination strikes in the form of an urge to start homework or studies at a proper round figure time. If it is 3:50 I be like “I’ll star studying at 4:00” and then I distract myself with something and realise at 4:20 and be like “pfft. I’ll start at 4:30” And when the clock strikes 4:30 I’m so busy doing something that I don’t realise what the time is. And the vicious cycle goes on.

I am a pro at procrastinating. I’m not proud of it. #SorryNotSorry But don’t we all procrastinate? I can go on ranting but… enough said.

So, tell me if y’all procrastinate too. I should really stop with the “slang” and the “hipster” English… “y’all” and “ain’t” and stuff. It doesn’t really suit my personality. Anyway, do you guys procrastinate as well? When was the longest you’ve procrastinated. Did you fall in trouble? Let me know in the comments below. Don’t forget to like, share and follow! 🙂

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