LOL! Or maybe not…

Hey guys, Sim here. Sorry for being late… again. But I did warn you! So you know we all come across this situation sometime or the other where we see the humorous side of a situation but no one else sees the funny side of it. So, laughing isn’t the best option and some people may not be very happy with you laughing at the situation. Sometimes the situation is rather serious and you are not supposed to laugh (according to the social norms created by us, Homo sapiens) but we just happen to see the funny side of it and feel like laughing.

Now, I’m not talking about situations as simple as when you see someone fall and start laughing even though that person might be embarrassed. No, I am talking about more complex situations. The worst part isn’t that you feel like laughing. It is that when you’re not supposed to laugh and have been told not to laugh, it just becomes harder to stifle your laughter! AND THAT JUST MAKES THE SITUATION WORSE AND THE OTHER PERSON ANGRIER! Sad, right.

I’ll give you an example. This happened to me the day before yesterday and after this happened I came up with this post because I felt like this topic deserves to be discussed.

So, I had a cold and was taking an antibiotic to get rid of it. And my mom got the syrup because the tablets weren’t available (a 15 year old drinking flavoured syrup… how embarrassing!) Anyway, me being the clumsy person I am, I just can’t pour syrup from the bottle to the spoon because my hands just don’t stay still and keep shaking (this just keeps getting more embarrassing). So, I asked my mom to pour the syrup from the glass bottle (now keep in mind this was a glass bottle) into the spoon. I had the medicine and went to keep the bottle back. See, this bottle came in a cardboard box. You know, the flimsy boxes like the ones in which you get the toothpaste tubes and stuff. So I put the bottle in the box from the upper opening and the bottle just pushes its way out from the bottom of the box and lands on the floor with a crash! Basically, the bottle went in one way and out the other!

Being the person who experienced it and saw this in slow mo. I couldn’t help myself from cracking up.

This was a glass bottle and so you can probably imagine what happened after that. My mom saw this and was really annoyed. It was actually rather messy to have glass shards on the floor with a yellow sticky liquid all over. But I just couldn’t hold the giggle in. That annoyed my mom further. She got really angry and asked me what was so funny about it.

Now, any normal person here would’ve just shut up to that and would put on the guilty face.

But I’m no normal person, am I? That question reminded me the funny part of the situation (the bottle slipping out) and made me snort (sometimes I feel that I can put the queen of England to shame with my elegance and dignified behaviour).

Big mistake.

This really tipped my mum off (it isn’t really her fault) and she shouted “Don’t laugh!”

The human brain is a funny thing isn’t it? And the human psychology is funnier. Instead of following my mum’s order and shutting up, this sentence made me laugh out loud…*face palm* oh and I didn’t stop laughing for quite a while.

Sadly my mum didn’t see the funny side of it and the rest of that conversation didn’t really go well. As you can probably imagine…

End of the story people.

But there was a moral to this incident. When the people don’t see the funny side and tell you to stop laughing- STOP LAUGHING!

DO NOT LAUGH! Especially when ol’ Voldemort is not in a good mood. No matter how irresistible the urge to laugh out loud is. Because if you laugh when other tell you not to then you land yourself in hot soup. It is literally like jumping from the frying pan into the fire!

So guys, I hope you enjoyed this post and had a good laugh. Yes, it was intended to be humorous. -_- I hope you learned something from this and I hope this will help save your life in future. Have you ever laughed out loud when you shouldn’t have? Let me know in the comments. Don’t forget to like, share and follow! Until then, peeps! Bye! 🙂

9 thoughts on “LOL! Or maybe not…

  1. Btw its one of the hardest things on this planet to control my laughter at such movements.
    And the faces that the people make…… basically enhances my laughter 😜😂

      1. Lol no problem. I have spelt stuff wrong on my posts open for the entire world with an internet connection to see and point at. XD

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