Types of Friends We All Have

Hey guys! I’m back and I am well aware that I am late but I was so darn busy last week and am still busy. I have my term exams from the 17th of this month. I had also taken part in the social science exhibition of our school due to which I was even busier than now. The exhibition was on 2nd September and it went very well. I had to play keyboard to provide music for our dance group for the group dance competition and I happened to be the main musician. So yeah, it was pretty stress full. I’ve also taken part in National Children’s Science Congress (it isn’t as fancy as it sounds but I have a lot of work to do), English Olympiad by the Unified Council and National Talent Search Examination (It’s like an Olympiad). Hence the late post and I may not be able to post on time till the 26th of this month because that’s when the term exams get over.

Coming to the blog post since I’ve ranted enough I feel. I was going through teenager posts (they are so damn true and relatable!) on the internet (I am not on Tumblr) when I came across this one teenager post that said

teenager post types of friends blog post
“We all have that one friend who needs to learn how to whisper”

And that is so true isn’t it. So I was still pondering (yeah I’m a deep thinker of all the useless things under the sun) about this when realization dawned upon me. Each friend that we have falls under some category. So this blog post is going to be all about the different categories of friends we all have.

#1: The friend who always has no idea of what’s going on or the lost friend

This friend is the kind who will see an entire dramatic scene in front of him in the class and laugh or hoot along with the rest of the class and in the end will ask “but what happened, actually?” Now, this seems funny on the surface but can get really annoying at times.

#2: The competitive friend:

This friend has this remarkably annoying talent of turning EVERY. DAMN. THING into a competition! You’re going to the bathroom; this friend pees faster than you. You got a new expensive phone; this friend got a costlier phone. You got 5 pink gems in your gems packet, guess what? This friend’s got 6! You have fever? This friend is in the ICU!!!

You’ve probably gotten the gist of what I’m saying.

#3: The Forgetful Friend or the friend who borrows everything

See, now this friend NEVER gets ANYTHING to school. If you’re sitting next to this friend you are doomed. Throughout the day you’ll hear “psst. Do you have a pencil? I forgot mine today.” “Shit! I forgot the graph book today. I forgot we had a math period today. Could I borrow a graph paper from you?” “Dammit! How could I forget the History textbook?! Can we share your History textbook?” you don’t mind this at first but by the end of the day after you’ve had to share and lend Every. Damn. Thing with this person you feel sure of going to heaven seeing the amount of kindness and good deeds you’ve done by sharing with this person.

You also feel like biting this friend’s head off their shoulder.

#4: The Know-it-all friend

Even though this friend shows that he knows (hey! That rhymed) everything, he is rarely helpful. If anything at all, he is a PAIN IN THE BEHIND!!! It might seem that he’ll probably be helpful by correcting your mistakes or informing you about things but that is not the case. This friend does not actually know a lot he only pretends to. Imagine you are saying something excitedly and you are interrupted with a “You should actually not use ‘Oh my God’ and ‘awesome’ in the same sentence.” You actually don’t freaking care about this because you are too excited about something but your friend here apparently seems to care more about your usage of words over the exciting incident. Annoying, right?

This friend will rather irritatingly peep over your shoulder while you are doing a project and will tell you that the line you’ve drawn across is not straight. This can get really irritating if you’re in a hurry. Trust me.

#5: In the end of course, the friend who needs to learn how to whisper

This is the friend who has embarrassed you a bazillion times because he never knows when to whisper. You are (if aren’t already then you should be) TERRIFIED of telling your secrets to because you never know when he may point it out and make it obvious in front of EVERYONE!

For example- You see your crush walk past and whisper to your friends “look he’s coming this way. He is so darn cute! Don’t look in his direction or he’ll get to know.” This friend will go a mile ahead and will not just look very obviously in his direction; he will also bestow upon you with his graciousness a loud comment- “which one are you talking about? Oh! The guy in the blue shirt there? Is he your crush?”



That is it for today guys. Sorry for being late. Do you have any friends who fall in any of these categories? Is there any kind of category of friends that I missed out on? Let me know in the comments section. Don’t forget to like, share and follow. I’ll do my best to back in time next week with another blog post. Until then, people! J

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