Annoying Things on Social Media and the Internet

Hey guys, Sim here! And I am back… unfortunately without a bang. This is another rant post as it turns out that I seem to possess a remarkable talent of ranting, complaining and whining, or so I am told.

Nah, just kidding. No one’s said that to me but it is something I do a lot so hey!

So, most of us are on numerous social networking sites and all of us have access to the internet. Most of you must be knowing and seeing various new internet trends coming and going. Now, some of these trends are cool but they are “cool” to some extent. When people take these trends a bit too seriously, it kinda gets annoying. So here are some of the most common annoying things happening on the internet. All. The. Damn. Time!

  1. When people caption their pics with quotes that have absolutely zero connection with that photo

So the pic will be the person pouting or posing looking all fancy and the caption will be “live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever…” uhhh


The photos usually be really good (no jokes) but there is absolutely zero connection of the picture with the caption. Not all quotes are irrelevant, I do see many relevant quotes but some people simply write quotes for the sake of it.


  1. When people have 1245937947 hashtags for one pic. And out of the 1245937947 hashtags only 3 are relevant. And out of the three, 2 mean the same.

So yeah I do understand the concept of hashtags. I also do realise that the more the hashtags, the more views but 1245937947 (yes, the number is the same as the one above) hashtags are NOT cool. Emphasis on the word “not”.

  1. When people initiate conversation with you and then disappear (basically go offline) in the middle of the conversation and reply years later when you’ve grown older than a banyan tree with a “hi” like they just didn’t leave you hanging in the middle of a conversation without an explanation

And that is one long, frustrated sentence. I know. But this practice honestly needs to come to an end. Like seriously people, that is so not cool. (And apparently I seemed to have developed a habit of telling people they are not cool. Wow. Some habit… note the cynical tone)


Anyway, if you are one of those people who do that then trust me, the person you’re doing this to does NOT appreciate that. At all.


  1. When people be like “hi?” “r u there” “hello?” “Where did u go?” without even waiting for a minute after they send a message.

I hope they realise that I’m not at the beck and call of them. I mean I will reply soon. No, I don’t take decades to reply but sometimes I handle more chats than one (I just made texting sound so important) and I might reply after a minute.


  1. When people take the “texting language” way too seriously. The language gets to a point where it isn’t even English anymore.

It is simply random letters and symbols. I’m not even joking. Here’s an example. I was checking out an online debate at this social networking site I have an account in and this is what someone replied to someone else.


“Wth this is a freakin debate there r like a million arguments in debates KK so this mite b 1 s° u GT a prb w/ tht?!”


You can probably see what I’m getting at…


So that was all for now, readers. Hope you liked this one. Is there any other thing on the internet that you find annoying? Tell me what it is in the comments down below. Don’t forget to like, share and follow!!! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Annoying Things on Social Media and the Internet

  1. These are great! The most annoying to me is the “texting language” like you said, with all the abbreviations and symbols. Even texting, I still have to have my words spelled correctly and use proper punctuation!

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