Pet Peeves (part one)

Hey guys, this post is going to be a kind of rant post and a post where you’ll get to know me better.

So, I was in school and our work ed. Sir took us to the physics lab for practicals on designing a basic parallel and series circuit with Ammeter and Voltmeter and we were settling down around the long table in the lab, I was next to my best friend and we both were laughing as I narrated something and I was coming to the funniest part of it when I was interrupted by a sudden… screeeech! Some great classmate of mine felt too lazy to lift the stool and bring it over to the table and had a sudden bright idea of dragging the stool all the way over to the table.

Note the sarcasm. Oh! And did I mention that the stool’s legs were made of metal?

With that, all my humour flew out of the window and was replaced with a rather irritable mood. There was another screech and I felt a shiver. I wasn’t really scared or cold or anything like that. Such screeches simply make me shiver. I don’t know why. There were a few more screeches.

Our class is so filled with geniuses and active teens, I tell you.

Note the sarcasm again.

After these screeches I realised that steps must be taken to stop evil deeds i.e. annoying me, done by people. So, I felt that I should use my blog to spread awareness on this burning issue and do my share as an active citizen of Earth and an active youth and stop people from doing things that simply get on my nerves.

Basically, this post is gonna be all about my biggest pet peeves if you didn’t already get it.

Pet Peeve #1- Any guesses what it’s gonna be? Screeching noises! Ta-da!

So I hate it when people drag things and make weird, shiver-worthy sounds. I don’t think you want me to explain this one anymore. Also another such screech is when the chalk makes weird noises when you write on the board. I simply hate it.

Pet Peeve #2- When people chew with their mouths open.

Now, this is a rather common pet peeve. It is common not only because many people find it annoying but it is also common because there are many people who chew with their mouths open all the time. I don’t find it annoying just because it is a bad manner and we’ve all been taught to eat with our mouths shut from when we were little and I wanna show you people how well-mannered I am but because I am not really interested in seeing what food you have in your mouth right now. Especially if it is all crushed and chewed up and looks gross.

Pet Peeve #3- When you are texting with someone and they reply with a “k”

Trust me; I am never in a mood to talk about potassium.

I am pretty sure the amount of energy you used in playing Clash of Clans or Pokémon Go is not more than the energy used in typing an “o” before your beloved potassium. You will not lose any significant amount of energy in typing an “o” before the “k”. I have never been a fan of the texting language and I usually reply with properly spelt words and proper punctuation and I don’t mind the texting language either but “k” simply annoys me. You can never be so busy that you can’t slip in a li’l “o” before the “k”. If you can type a “k” you can very well type an “o” and typing an “o” before “k” doesn’t actually hurt. Maybe you should try that. And if by any chances you actually are that busy I wouldn’t mind chatting with you later when we both are free.

Pet Peeve #4- When you have the “bipolar sneeze”

Any IISuperwomanII fans out here? She’s a popular YouTuber for those of you who haven’t heard of her. In her video “types of sneezes” she classifies sneezes into different kinds of sneezes and one of the types is the “bipolar sneeze”. Now if you don’t know what that is, basically it is when a sneeze is about to come but then it changes its mind and doesn’t come but then thinks the better of it and is about to come when it feels that it’d rather not come.

I sneeze a lot. No, sneezing is not my hobby. I am simply allergic to dust, strong smells and sudden changes in climate. All of these make me sneeze. And all of these happen a lot. Hence, I sneeze a lot. So, I am awfully experienced when it comes to sneezes and this is the most annoying one. It wasn’t until I had a bipolar sneeze did I realise the true meaning of “expect the unexpected”.

Pet Peeve #5- When people leave the glass upturned

I don’t know why this gets on my nerves but it does. People use a glass or keep it back or keep it somewhere after washing it or whatever and keep it with its mouth upwards. And it itches me to keep it with the mouth down. Sometimes I resist the urge to do it but it sometimes I am not able to do so and end up keeping it with the mouth down.

So anyway, guys I think I’ve ranted enough though I could probably go on forever. What are your pet peeves? Let me know in the comments section and don’t forget to like, subscribe and comment! Oh! And I’d love to hear (or rather read) your feedbacks! J

4 thoughts on “Pet Peeves (part one)

    1. Lol… Yeah that too.. Wonder how i forgot that one. Well, there’s going to be a “pet peeves part 2” since there are so many annoying things that need to be added to that list. Loud burps are going to be on top of that list! XD

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