My Bucketlist for Summer Break!!!

Hey there, guys! I’m back with my latest blog post and I’m sorry for being late but I was at my grandparent’s place so it wasn’t possible for me to post this earlier but I had written it in time. My summer break started! And for the rest of the month I am FREE. Since I have nothing to do all day long I thought, why not make a list of things I can do during my free time. Many of my friends were facing the same problem- nothing to do all day long! That’s when I realised that there are any people like me who are bored and are looking for something to do. So this post is my bucket list for this summer break and it is also my suggestion for what you can do this summer!


  1. Finish the pending work: this is such a rotten way to start a list of supposedly “fun” things to do this summer. But we all have pending works that we’ve been procrastinating from a long time with the excuse that we didn’t have time. Or maybe we were genuinely just too busy to do them. Now that we’re officially free, why not just get over with them? In my case I have to complete my schoolwork. You know, projects homeworks, blah blah blah… and to add to it, we have “holiday homework” given to us to specially make sure that we’re not free these vacations. L
  2. Study: I know another rotten thing to do in the break. But sadly, I have to do it because it turns out that to get good grades we need to study. Sad. I know right! But don’t worry, I am not gonna stay cooped up in my room all summer studying while the sun shines outside. And NEITHER SHOULD ANYBODY ELSE!!!
  3. Get fit: Being skinny or slim or good looking is NOT We need to be fit! And though we all love sitting on the couch all day long because it’s just too hot to be working, we need to, I repeat, stay fit. No, you don’t need to work out at the gym and go on diets and eat only boiled veggies and make staying fit boring. Staying fit can be fun too! There are many activities we can do to stay fit. To know more read my next article Fun Ways to Get Fit.
  4. Read books: I am so not talking about boring book like your school textbooks, or technical books and manuals and stuff. I mean, you can read those if you find them interesting but I was talking about the kind of books you like to read. They can be thrillers that get you hung on the book and keep you in suspense or they can be cheesy cliché romance novels that you love reading. They can be fantasy novels or fictions or maybe interesting non-fictions like biographies and autobiographies. It is up to you.
  5. Develop a hobby: If you have nothing else to do and have a lot of free time at hand, develop a hobby! It can be anything you have an interest in. Common hobbies include: starting a collection, reading, playing an instrument, getting into a sport, dancing, creative writing etc. If collecting stuffs like coins and stamps is not possible for you, you can collect simpler and easier things to collect like bottle caps, pens etc… (though I’m not big on collecting things) but your hobby need not be collecting things, there are a lot of other hobbies you can start.
  6. Learn a new language: You don’t necessarily need to join classes to learn a new language. What do we have the internet for?! These days with the help of the internet we can learn new languages online. We can either join online tuitions or you can even find apps like Duolingo, Fluencia, and FluentU etc. that help you learn a new language.


That’s enough, I feel. This was my bucketlist and my suggested summer vacation bucketlist. Hope you found it helpful and hope you liked it. If you liked it please give a like if you didn’t, give a like. Don’t forget to like, share, comment and subscribe! I’ll be back soon with my next post Fun Ways to Get Fit. Until next time, peeps!

5 thoughts on “My Bucketlist for Summer Break!!!

  1. Sounds like you’re going to be pretty busy over the summer! Great that you have your priorities in order by putting schoolwork first, great variety of activities, a pretty awesome list! Have fun!

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