How I Fell in Love- With My Keyboard!

Hey there, once again guys! Sim here. Sorry for the late post… Well, after my last post when I got around 3 views within 24 hours I got very, very, very, VERY happy as I had not expected to have a single reader for weeks… or maybe some poor reader who lost his way accidentally stumbled across my post and read it. I know, I know, nothing great about having three viewers. But for someone with expectations like mine, this is enough to inspire me and keep me writing. I am new to this website so I’ve been struggling to find my way around and (very frustratingly, I must add) am not able to do what I actually want to do. I really wanted to check out all my viewers’ profiles but I am barely able to control my own profile. I am usually pretty good with computers and the internet and don’t find trouble with websites I am new to but this one’s an exception.


Anyway, this blog post is going to be about one of my favourite memories. This memory is one that I’ll cherish forever and this incident changed my life a little. I mean, I was introduced to a best friend, a hobby, a skill and a stress buster. This post is on how I got an interest in playing keyboard.


It seems like yesterday, I walk into my room after around a month because I had gone to my grandparents’ place with my mom. It was summer vacation and that year my dad wasn’t able to come with us as he wasn’t able to take leave from work. I walked into my room in the afternoon and see an old keyboard lying across my bed. Its keys had paled with age and it was beautiful. It was smaller than the latest modern keyboards and didn’t have many features like the modern keyboards but it was still more beautiful and better than most of the other keyboards I have seen. At that time, however, music was the last thing I was interested in. I sucked at singing (and still do) and our school’s music teacher wasn’t big on instrumental music (though she is quite knowledgeable in instrumental music as well). All our music teacher ever taught us was singing songs. She only taught us vocals and I knew very well I can’t sing. I never considered music as an interest to me. So, the moment I saw the keyboard lying across the bed I called out to my dad and said “What’s this? Did you buy this for me?” and I drowned him with a ton of questions. He looked at me and told me that this was his colleague’s mother’s keyboard. It had always been her wish to educate as many children as she could in music. She had passed away sometime back. My dad’s colleague remembered the keyboard and so he asked my dad if I would be interested. My dad said that he didn’t know whether I would be interested or not but there was a chance that I could develop an interest. And then, the keyboard was brought. My dad said that if I wasn’t interested at all and wasn’t interested in developing an interest either, he would return it so that some other child could learn. Initially, I wasn’t interested but I got greedy (though this time greed turned out to be good, we must not be greedy). I didn’t want to let it go. So, I said I would try. My dad said “Ok. Good. Later sometime, when you feel like it, we both can explore the keyboard.” A few days later one evening, I thought I would try it out. I googled some tunes and luckily for me, the notes were written on the keys so I knew which key was for which note. I started learning “twinkle twinkle little star” from some article on the net. Soon, I had learned the tune by heart and played it quite nicely. That really inspired me. Ever since, I have learned numerous songs on keyboard from tutorials. I can’t read sheet music and am working on that from various internet articles. I still learn songs from video tutorials on YouTube. But I am sometimes able to find out the correct notes on my own. I am improving and I hope I keep improving. The first proper song I learned was “Everything At Once” by Lenka because I was crazy about that song at that time and it started with a peppy tune played on piano. This whole incident happened around two years back when I had just started my 8th grade and now I am about to start my 10th grade.


This incident made me realise that I can learn absolutely anything I want as long as I have the wish to learn it and this doesn’t apply only to me but to everyone. Now, whenever I am sad or stressed out and need to just tune out from everything and forget what’s going on around me for a while, I play the keyboard. Every time I play keyboard I feel like I am in another world with no one to bother me. I felt that I must share this incident as it is really very close to my heart.


So guys, that’s all for now. I promise to return with a better post (I mean, I’ll do my best to make it better than this). Hope you liked it. Don’t forget to comment and post the feedbacks down below in the comments section. And don’t forget to subscribe and like!

4 thoughts on “How I Fell in Love- With My Keyboard!

  1. Hi there,sim…..well I ought to say that I never knew tht U knew keyboard….but anyway,I hope U get better at it……All the best n never forget “U can accomplish anything,just have the desire” Waiting for ur next post,cya then!

  2. Very Inspiring, Simran. And stop doubting your ability to write well !! I for one, have become a fan of your straight forward, from the heart writing. Keep writing and I will be looking forward to your future blogs.

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