Stray Menace at Milroc Woods

The street dogs of MILROC are becoming aggressive day by day. They run behind us for no reason. Someone else hits them & they bark at us. They love trying to attack pet dogs.

Why do they love attacking pet dogs? Both are dogs, right?

Every time my dog meets the street dog, both of them have a barking competition. Obviously, the street dog wins. My poor dad has to pull and choke my dog while pulling him. I hate it. Why can’t they call dog catchers?

In June, a bitch gave birth to puppies & in the mornings when I had to go to catch my bus, the bitch would wait for me & would drive me away. The next day when I was going from the long cut the bitch was there! She would bark at me.

Whenever I would call her names even in Punjabi she would bark at me as if she understood whatever I called her. I asked her that humans can’t understand Punjabi how can you understand?

The answer was grrr…bow- wow as ever.

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