My weird dream – Lost on an island !

Once I went for an adventure with my dog Rocky and my friend Racheal. We went to the sea.

The date was 15th September. That day on the newspaper we had read that the sea would be rough. But we were so dunce, dimwit & dunderheads & so excited that we set off.

We had thought that would not go far. Rocky was very scared of the water & the boat movement. That’s why I & Racheal sent him inside the cab (short for cabin). Just then the sea waves started splashing on us. At first, we thought it was fun. But then we recollected the words written on the newspaper. It was too late; before we knew anything the sea was ruling us.

I tried to steer the boat but we were losing the battle! Racheal tried the sail but the sail tore!

Just then she remembered that we usually kept the spare sail in the cab. While searching we turned the whole cab upside down! And then I remembered that we had given the sail to our friend Maya, I exclaimed “Oh! Lord” & reminded her. She too remembered everything.

“I am hungry” I wailed. As a matter of fact, we all were. Luckily we had carried a month’s food, a water filter & an extra large Pedigree (luckily pedigree does not spoil for a long time). We ate very little saving the food for the future.

After eating, we went inside the cabin.After all, we were helpless & were in the middle of nowhere. We jumped on our folding beds & slept. After some time, Rocky started to bark & woke me & Racheal up. I came out &what I saw was bad, very bad. It was raining! I screamed. I was scared that soon we would all sink. Racheal came out running to see what was happening and why I was screaming. I started weeping. We said our last goodbyes. I couldn’t stop crying.

Suddenly it stopped raining. I was the first one to cheer up. I ran inside the cab & brought some pails & took two and gave two to Rachel. I told her that if we filled the rainwater in the pails& put it in the water filter we would have quite some water to drink. Rachel agreed happily.

While we were repeating this process, we crashed. This time Rachel started crying. I went to the part where we had crashed. I saw some sand on our boat. I jumped out of the boat not realising that we had crashed on land. I checked the crashed part & saw that our boat didn’t get hurt l mean it didn’t get a single scratch. I realised that I was neither in the boat nor getting wet I hopped in the boat. The moment I turned back I saw a beach, some cliffs & a huge hill. I started laughing with joy. Racheal and Rocky came out, Racheal with a tear-stained face &I could not make out Rocky’s expression under his furry face but I was sure that he was surprised & he was. After all he is my pet.

The moment I explained them everything, they started laughing. We took the things needed & set off to explore. The island must have been about 2 km long & one km wide. There was nobody.In short, the island was uninhabited/empty. While exploring, we saw some animals like cow, goat, sheep, horse&saw places like 2 cliffs, some hills, cave & obviously a beach.

Rachel & I were having 2 plaits & were wearing a ribbon in each plate so we had 4 ribbons. We also carried 3 rubber bands so we opened our hair & tied 1 plait instead of 2. We used the rubber bands & with the 4 ribbons, 1 rubber band & a stick we made a flag hoping someone to see &did I forget to say thatwe also used Rocky’s fur.

To make the matters worse it started to rain. We ran inside the cave. Luckily, I had an umbrella. So we took several trips to bring the lantern, blankets, bed sheet, pillows, crockery & folding beds!

The next morning we furnished the cave a little by spreading coconut leaves as carpet; making a hole as rack for crockery, shoes & clothes; with the help of mud we made a table, chair &some stools; we made our safe & a gas. We also made a door by using some wood. We used some of the sheep’s fur for wool (I had brought some of my knitting/stitching work bag) so we made our sweaters (though there were no winters, proof: the coconut trees)! We brought many things from the ships cab like clock, dresses, tools & swimsuits! We made a long tunnel leading to the back of the island. It was meant for garbage, we also used coconut leaves as broom & cloth to sweep. We made a bathroom by making a large hole in the wall (the hole was as large as a master bedroom) & we made a door with the help of some wood. One of the sides had a water supply!

Our cave was just like a house.

One day when I & Rocky were going to bring some coconuts we heard a wild knock at the door. With a great hope I opened the door, hoping to see a rescuer. But the moment I opened the door,I saw a huge lion facing me &Rocky. I didn’t know where it came from. I didn’t even know that there were lions on this island. Shiver ran down my spine, i was frozen to death. The lion roared, I screamed. Racheal ran outside to see me. The moment Racheal saw me & lion, she passed out. Rocky licked Racheal & woke her up. She ran inside. I thought that she was scared and ran inside, leaving it to me to deal with the lion. But no, I was wrong.She came back; this time quiet confident. She bent down, I thought to take the ashirvad, but no she was removing the home made carpet! I was wondering what she was going to do now. And before I knew anything she came close to the lion & roar went the lion. Oh god, what did she do now.Before I knew anything, I felt a soft tug.But when I didn’t move, I was pulled quiet quite harshly. I couldn’t help screaming &I was inside the bathroom. Then I saw my friend Racheal & Rocky.

I was relieved. We waited for a long time but nobody came after us.We were afraid &suddenly, out of the blue, Rocky ran outside & then I heard the lion’s roar.Iwas scared and worried for Rocky. I ran outside.Whoa.What I saw was amazing. Instead of Rocky, the lion lay dead or at leastIthought (I didn’t want any dead body in my house). I called herout to see what Isaw. When she saw that, we started petting Rocky and gave him some egg.But we were feeling sorry for the lion, so we fed him, gave him medicine, and started loving it. We were feeling very sad because it was time for him to go back to the jungle. But every day, he came to us at his lunch time. Surprisingly, he and Rocky became friends!

We made stables for the cattle. We used goat, I mean the cattle for grazing our garden. Oh sorry! I forgot to tell you about our garden actually in all that excitement & Racheal breathing down my neck.I had to tell you about the lion you knowif I didn’t want any hot air near my neck. We had made the garden, actually we had some flower pots near sorry in our boat so we kept them outside our house in 2 rows, 1 in the right & 1 in the left, between the 2 rows there we kept the tiles as a matter of fact we the flat stones in such an order that they looked like a path. We planted some plants, flowers & also made a kitchen garden. In the kitchen garden there were so many fruits & vegetables it was mind-blowing, awesome & fantastic. There was a huge mango tree in the garden so we tied a rope and hung a useless old tire & that made a perfect tire swing.

Suddenly our beloved island sank! We all sank with it! I opened my eyes &for a moment I didn’t recognize anything but I remembered that I Racheal & Rocky were having a sleepover besides the sea with the sleeping bag, tent, etc!



4 thoughts on “My weird dream – Lost on an island !

    1. XD that was when I was 9. XD it wasn’t actually a dream but then I couldn’t think up of any ending to that story so I made it up. XD I don’t even know why I still have that post up. I cringe so hard at it. XD

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